Dina Mashiyane

Senior Manager
Dina Mashiyane

Dina Mashiyane is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in academic libraries, currently serves as the Senior Manager. Holding a Master's degree in Information Science from the University of South Africa, Dina is also an active researcher and accomplished author, with numerous publications in reputable academic journals and book chapters. Committed to advancing her expertise, Dina is currently pursuing a Ph.D. She was selected as a candidate for the Carnegie CPD Programme, focusing on enhancing librarians' ICT skills for research enablement in African universities. She has made significant contributions to the academic community through her participation in both local and international conferences, where she has presented papers on various topics within her diverse research interests. These encompass Information Literacy, Social Media in libraries, Inclusive Education, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and Information Ethics. Her multifaceted career showcases a passionate professional who not only excels in managerial roles but also actively contributes to the scholarly discourse, demonstrating a commitment to the continuous improvement of library services and the broader field of information science.

Physical Address

Potchefstroom Campus

Ferdinand Postma Library

Building E7

11 Hoffman Street


2531, South Africa

Telephone Number
018 299 2788