Empowering through literature: Tlhokomelo Khusu's guide to healing childhood trauma

By Bonolo Monaisa

Throughout her literary journey, Tlhokomelo Khusu, hailing from Matatiele in the Eastern Cape, has emerged as a prominent symbol of resilience and healing. As an alumnus of the North-West University's (NWU’s) Mahikeng Campus and a psychology graduate she expertly integrates her academic foundation with her creative acumen to provide perspectives on human development and rehabilitation.

Her latest book, Jigsaw Puzzle, is an easily understandable guide for overcoming childhood trauma. It encourages readers to embrace the healing process and have faith in second chances.

"As I studied psychology, I wanted to share some light with the world, especially with people who need to find healing." She says her background in psychology helps her connect with readers on a deeper level, allowing her to create inclusive messages.

Tlhokomelo participated in the AVBOB poetry competition for the first time in 2021, and in the 2023 rendition of the competition she secured sixth place.

This milestone validated her efforts and served as a source of motivation to persist in her writing endeavours.

"People who did not know me knew that I existed on that day. My work was recognised, and people bought some copies of my work," she adds.

Despite encountering challenges in securing publishers and promoting her literary works, her unwavering determination and adeptness in establishing connections have been very helpful.

Tlhokomelo’s first book is titled Sunshine and comprises a collection of poems. She says writing Jigsaw Puzzle marked a departure from that work, as it drew upon her personal experiences, in contrast to Sunshine, which is a reflection of her thoughts.

Tlhokomelo finds solace in writing, especially during times of personal loss. She promises to deliver more literary gems and is currently working on a Sesotho drama book and an English novel.

Tlhokomelo advises aspiring authors to persevere and to always be kind to themselves, underscoring the therapeutic potential of storytelling. She advocates for an unwavering commitment to writing, as one's narrative may serve as a guiding light for others in need of healing.


Tlhokomelo Khusu is a passionate writer.


Tlhokomelo’s book, Jigsaw Puzzle.

Submitted on Fri, 07/05/2024 - 09:39