Dr Anna Mokgokong: Let’s show the world what we are about

As we celebrate Youth Month this June, we are reminded of the vibrant energy, resilience, and potential of our nation’s youth.

This year, Youth Month follows a national election that has brought about considerable uncertainty. The political landscape is shifting, and with it, comes both challenges and opportunities. I understand that many of you may feel anxious about what lies ahead, but it is in times of uncertainty that our true character is revealed. I understand that many of you might feel anxious of what lies ahead, but it is in times of uncertainty that our true character is revealed. This calls upon all of us to contribute towards nation building. Through your studies you will be enabled to contribute.

To our students, you are the heartbeat of this university and the future leaders of our country. Your passion, ingenuity, and determination are what will drive us forward. I encourage you to embrace this moment with a sense of purpose and optimism. Engage in dialogues, be active in your communities, and use your education as a tool to influence positive change. Remember, it is often through adversity that the most profound innovations and advancements are made.

To our faculty and staff, your role in guiding and mentoring our students is more crucial than ever. Your dedication to education and your unwavering support provides a stable foundation upon which our students can build their dreams. Let us continue to foster an environment that encourages critical thinking and inclusivity.

At the North-West University, we are committed to navigating these uncertain times with a steadfast focus on our mission to empower and educate the leaders of tomorrow. We will continue to support our students and staff, adapt to the changing landscape, and seek opportunities for growth and improvement.

Let us draw strength from our history, find hope in our present, and work collectively towards a brighter future. Together, we can turn uncertainty into a catalyst for progress and innovation.

Dr Anna Mokgokong

Chancellor of the North-West University

Submitted on Thu, 06/06/2024 - 12:26