Double the success for Fiorita twins

North-West University (NWU) students and twins Andrea and Marco Fiorita, recently received their degrees in computer and electronic engineering with distinction.

“Growing up, we were inseparable and always in cahoots. We made smoke bombs, took apart electronics around the house, build crazy contraptions and watched endless YouTube videos on how to make cool gadgets at home,” says Marko.

All these activities created an interest and stirred a love for creating and learning, and it came as no surprise when they decided to enroll for a degree in engineering.

The siblings have a passion for electronics, and are in the process of starting their own business, specialising in product development with a focus on electronics.

“We are glad that both of us could complete our degree together and achieve roughly the same average over the four years,” says Andrea.

Marco adds that they are extremely proud of themselves for enduring the tough times and all the late nights they spent working.

“This achievement gives us the confidence to know that any problem we may face is a steppingstone to a higher level and not just a stumbling block.”

Currently the twins are registered for their master’s degrees in computer and electronic engineering at the NWU.

“Upon completion of our master’s degree, both of us want to gain some experience in the field and may start working for a company, while running our business on the side. 


Andrea and Marco Fiorita


Submitted on Thu, 05/19/2022 - 09:30