Collaborating with NGOs to combat substance use disorder

In a collaborative effort to address the pressing issue of substance use disorder, the North-West University (NWU), in partnership with the Resurrection Hope Foundation and Ultrapex Sustainable Project, hosted a campaign event on 24 February.

Prof Lebogang Katata-Seru, acting deputy dean in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, represented the NWU at the event themed “Be a Hero, Be Drug Zero”.

Prof Katata-Seru emphasised the alignment of this initiative with the NWU's values, particularly its commitment to an ethic of care. She also acknowledged the prevalence of substance abuse among the youth and the destructive impact it has on lives.

"Substance abuse has become a common thing these days, and many of our young people are destroying their lives through addiction. Therefore, it is crucial to raise awareness about substance abuse among our youth and prevent them from succumbing to it. With awareness campaigns such as this event, we provide knowledge which is the most vital tool to give power to an individual," added Prof Katata-Seru.

The event focused on critical topics such as substance use disorder, the effects of gender-based violence and its intersection with substance abuse, social relief support, the importance of family, and substance use disorder-related crimes.


NWU mascot Eagi joined attendees of the “Be a Hero, Be Drug Zero” campaign on a walk.

Submitted on Fri, 03/01/2024 - 08:56