SEW 2019: beyond ideas, into action!

Belinda Bantham -- Wed, 07/24/2019 - 12:54

SEW 2019: beyond ideas, into action!

With the national launch of the Student Entrepreneurship Week (SEW) set to take place on 1 August 2019, institutions of higher learning across the country are ready to raise awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

This is also the case at the North-West University (NWU).

This national initiative was piloted in 2017 and aims to raise awareness of the fact that traditional employment is not a student’s only avenue to participate in the economy. By means of entrepreneurship, students are empowered to come up with innovative and creative ideas to solve a myriad of societal problems, including that of graduate unemployment.

The theme of #SEW2019 is “Beyond ideas, into action”, and illustrates that the time has come for students to take the proverbial plunge and work towards realising their entrepreneurial ideas and dreams. In short: a call to action for all studentpreneurs to start businesses that will be impactful, sustainable and scalable.

According to Johann Landsberg, manager of the NWU’s bhive Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) in Vanderbijlpark, students from all academic disciplines are invited to take part in the university’s in-house campaign, as hosted on the three campuses.

“There are still many students who are not aware that entrepreneurship offers a viable alternative to formal employment, and in a context where students struggle to make ends meet while studying the message of SEW is that they should try their hand at creating their own sustainable income,” explains Johann. He adds that the initiative aims to ultimately set in motion a movement of balancing academic activity alongside business success.


Following the national launch, various campaigns will be hosted by institutions across the country during the months of August or September.

Students are encouraged to look out for dates announced by their institutions, on campus and on social media. Follow @EDHEstudents for updates on social media.