Final-year picnic: the tassel was worth the hassle!

Belinda Bantham -- Mon, 11/04/2019 - 12:50

Final-year picnic: the tassel was worth the hassle!

More than 200 final-year students at the North-West University’s (NWU’s) campus in Vanderbijlpark recently took to the lush green banks of the Vaal River to catch up with friends and enjoy their last few weeks on the campus before graduation.

The final-year picnic is an annual event that offers senior students an opportunity to come together to share a meal, listen to good music and take part in fun games as they prepare to go into their last exam stretch. 

In her address, Prof Linda du Plessis, deputy vice-chancellor for planning and campus operations in Vanderbijlpark, took the students for a proverbial stroll down memory lane when she reminded them of their first day at university.

“A few years ago you arrived at the campus, not really knowing what to expect and even wondering if you are going to cope in this new environment, and here you are! In a few weeks’ time you will close your textbooks and take ownership of your qualification,” said Prof Du Plessis.

She furthermore motivated the students to study diligently for their last exam and always remain proud ambassadors of the NWU. She concluded her address by saying: “Thank you for believing in the future and more so; thank you for helping us to realise the dream of the university.

“It is you who champions our quest to be an internationally recognised university in Africa, and it is through your achievements that we can distinguish ourselves as an enabler of excellence.”

According to Zanele Ngobese, the campus’ alumni coordinator, the event also offered students the opportunity to engage with the Alumni Office on what life after university looks like.

“There as so many opportunities to participate in events on and off campus, and I hope that our new graduates will embrace their new status as young alumni members,” said Zanele.

The day’s programme also included Hloni Putsoane from the Career Centre sharing career advice with the students, as well as an address by Mpho Mosia, a member of the campus’ Young Alumni fraternity.

Final-year students from all eight faculties enjoyed the picnic next to the Vaal River.

Students were treated to a musical performance.