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Reduced interest rates will help to underpin business and consumer confidence

“The Monetary Policy Committee’s (MPC's) decision to reduce the repo rate by 25 basis points is a welcome recognition of the need to reduce borrowing costs for business and consumers in South Africa.”

Former president tells NWU there is hope

“I am not ‘moedeloos’ (in despair). I haven’t lost hope for the future but I am deeply concerned about where we are at the moment.”

Growth figures stress need for credible turnaround plan

The latest worse-than-expected growth figures for the third quarter of 2019 again emphasise the urgent need to implement a credible turnaround plan to lift the economy out of its current 'low growth trap'.

Child health enjoys massive interest – national conference

The North-West University’s (NWU’s) campus in Potchefstroom recently hosted a very successful Child Health Priorities Conference, which attracted some 260 delegates, and even the likes of South Africa’s First Lady, Dr Tshepo Motsepe.

NWU Engineering hosts the best of the best

Every year, final-year students in electrical, electronic and computer engineering at South African academic universities and universities of technology are required to complete an intensive design project.

Polish prof: Better relationships boost small business

The building of long-term relationships is key to the success of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). This is according to Prof Sebastian Kot, one of four extraordinary professors from the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

NWU does its bit to safeguard the quality of medicine

The North-West University (NWU) not only strives to offer quality education in a South African context, but also has a huge drive to spread this expertise further around the world.

Sport participation at school – have we lost the plot?

In this opinion piece, Prof JP Rossouw, a research fellow and former director of the Education and Human Rights in Diversity research unit at the North-West University (NWU), examines society’s approach to sport participation in school.

S&P’s revised outlook on SA reinforces the need for speedier fiscal and structural reforms

“The decision by rating agency Standard & Poor (S&P) to reduce its outlook on South Africa from stable to negative was widely expected, and the markets have to a large extent already adjusted their prices accordingly.”

NWU hosts training course on measurement of hazardous chemicals in workplaces

Occupational hygiene is the art and science dedicated to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental hazards in or arising from workplaces that can result in injury, illness, impairment, or affect the well-being of workers and community members.