NWU golf day back to old format

Belinda Bantham -- Thu, 02/22/2018 - 09:35

NWU golf day back to old format

The North-West University’s annual staff golf day was a huge success, with approximately 50 players taking part.

According to Francois van der Westhuizen, organiser of the staff golf club, the format of the day has been changed back to the original. “The purpose of the day is to focus on staff wellness and therefore organising a day that they can enjoy. We’ve returned to the better-ball format and also gave unexperienced players the opportunity to take part.”

The day, previously known as the Willem Scott Commemorative Golf Day, will in future also take place earlier in the year.

This year the Willem Scott commemorative trophy was awarded to Prof Kobus Pienaar for his contribution to NWU golf.

This year’s winners were Hendrik Esterhuizen and Willem, followed by Prof Jan Heystek and Coenraad Jurgens. Prof Jaco Kruger and Johan van der Walt scored third place.

Mooirivier Makelaars have sponsored this day since 2002, and Alta Avenand from Mooirivier Makelaars was thanked sincerely for their continued support and their investment in the welfare of NWU staff.

Anybody interested in the NWU golf club can contact Celeste Rossouw at 13044249@nwu.ac.za.

 The winners of the NWU staff golf day received a shiny new trophy. From the left are Francois van der Westhuizen, organiser, Alta Avenand from Mooirivier Makelaars, Willem Erasmus and Hendrik Esterhuizen, winners of the golf day, and Prof Kobus Pienaar, recipient of the Willem Scott commemorative trophy.

Prof Kobus Pienaar received the Willem Scott commemorative trophy for his contribution to NWU golf.