NWU academic presents at international conferences in Turkey and Greece

Belinda Bantham -- Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:01

NWU academic presents at international conferences in Turkey and Greece

Prof Masood Khalique from the School of Mathematical Sciences on the North-West University’s (NWU’s) campus in Mahikeng was an invited speaker at the III International Conference on Symmetries, Differential Equations and Applications (SDEA-III) that was held in August at the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.

He presented a paper entitled “Symmetry analysis of a coupled (2+1)‐dimensional hyperbolic system”.

This was the third conference in the series. The first SDEA-I was held in Johannesburg in 2012, and the second, SDEA-II, in İslamabad, Pakistan in 2014.

The main aim of this conference was to bring together academics who work on a variety of applications of Lie groups, focussing on the recent advances in the applications thereof. The conference included a wide variety of topics - from interdisciplinary studies in theoretical and applied sciences, to mathematical physics and financial mathematics.

Prof Khalique also organised a mini symposium entitled “IV Mini Symposium on Symmetry Methods and Applications for Differential Equations” at the 15th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics that was held in Thessaloniki, Greece in September. During the conference he also presented a paper: “Conservation laws for a (2 + 1)-dimensional generalised breaking soliton equation”. His postdoctoral fellow, Dr Tanki Motsepa, also presentenced a paper entitled “A study of the Bona-Smith system describing the two-way propagation of water waves in a channel”.

Prof Masood Khalique from the NWU recently attended two conferences in Greece and Turkey.