Gender Awareness Week explores new dynamics

Belinda Bantham -- Fri, 09/06/2019 - 09:43

Gender Awareness Week explores new dynamics

The North-West University’s (NWU’s) Gender Awareness (GAW) week recently concluded, and just as with similar projects such as Facing Race Week, it had a profound impact on all those that attended the various events.

GAW was hosted by the Faculty of Theology and included a multitude of events on all three NWU campuses.

This week was aimed at addressing some of the most important social questions of our time. These issues were addressed by promoting inclusivity in an environment conducive for debate, extrapolating new ideas, becoming introspective and creating a better understanding of gender dynamics.

The various events included art exhibitions, interactive seminars, gender and sexuality diversity workshops, and much more.

GAW showed that a willingness to reciprocally communicate about key social and societal issues is of paramount importance in the creation of an inclusive society.

This week demonstrated that just as differences can separate people, it can also bring us closer together.