Florist Yolanda eventually blossoms in education

Belinda Bantham -- Wed, 06/14/2017 - 15:42

Florist Yolanda eventually blossoms in education

One cannot help but wonder whether Yolanda Fourie knew in her matric year at the Transvalia High School what was lying ahead in her future. Did she ever while working as florist among the flowers, think about where she would blossom one day? Did it cross her mind that one day she would stand on a stage at a North-West University (NWU) graduation ceremony as top achiever?

In 2004 Yolanda Fourie moved to England with her husband, and there she found her profession as florist. Or so she thought, even when she later returned to South Africa and her eye for flowers had her working at functions like that of Miss SA Junior.

However, her focus shifted when she enrolled at the NWU’s campus in Vanderbijlpark for a BEd degree in senior and further education and training.

Yolanda was nominated as the best student of her group for the next four years, and in 2015 she also walked away with the award for the best student on campus. In her four years as student she passed an unbelievable 52 modules of the prescribed 56 modules with distinction. She maintained an average percentage of 89,06% throughout. She had definitely found her calling!

Although Yolanda and her classmates reached the end of their undergraduate journey, she has not yet reached her ultimate destination. Yolanda is currently busy with her honours degree and plans to enrol for a master’s degree in 2018.



Yolanda Venessa Fourie