Back to business at the NWU School of Business and Governance

Belinda Bantham -- Wed, 02/07/2018 - 09:22

Back to business at the NWU School of Business and Governance

It’s back to the books for students of one of the most sought-after degrees a university has to offer. On Monday 29 January, the North-West University’s School of Business and Governance held its official opening for the MBA academic year, and it was an event unlikely to be forgotten soon. 

MBA students were treated to an inspiring address by guest speaker Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, the founder, director and chairman of Gift of the Givers. Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the continent. The organisation has delivered more than R1,8 billion in aid to more than 40 countries across the globe.

Dr Sooliman had the attendees mesmerised with the story about the origin of Gift of the Givers as well as tales of the organisation’s worldwide humanitarian efforts.

According to the director of the school, Prof Fulu Netswera, business schools around the world are special in the way they cultivate leadership. He further stated that business schools and its graduates have a responsibility to better the lives of those in need.

“We must alleviate the plight of young people in our townships. We as a nation has lost our moral compass; we don’t know where we are or where we are going. That has to change. We can’t do our MBAs and run to Australia and Canada.”

This sentiment was echoed by applause.