Women's month 2018

To see whether a pearl is real or not, a flame is put to it. If it burns or melts, it is fake; if not, it is the genuine article. There are few, if any, obstacles as challenging as equipping our youth and our society with the means to better the now for this generation and the future for the next. The immensity of this challenge is, however, equal to the fortitude of the indispensable resources at our disposal. The pearls that no flame can taint, that no fire can scald. They are the mothers and the daughters, the siblings, friends, the partners and the colleagues. They are the pillars on which the North-West University (NWU) and our society is built; their commitment to excellence and to the betterment of all course through the veins of both entities.

August is Women’s Month, a month of remembrance and of gratitude for sacrifices without equal and of sacrifices untold. It is also a celebration of the jewels without which our society will neither shine so bright nor enrich so many. To all the women and the immeasurable contributions they have made to this wonderful country of ours, the North-West University thanks you.


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