Vaal Triangle Campus moot court teams’ battle for top honours

Anjonet Jordaan -- Wed, 08/26/2015 - 10:15

Vaal Triangle Campus moot court teams’ battle for top honours

Teams from the Vaal Triangle Campus and its fellow/sister campuses, Potchefstroom and Mafikeng, this past week competed in the Second Intercampus Criminal Moot Court competition hosted on the Potchefstroom Campus.

The semi-finals followed on vigorous competition on campus for the top second-year and third-year team to represent the Vaal Triangle Campus at the competition. The second-year students represented the State and the team members are Lerato Masite, Mmamokgethi Lamola, Desiree Mochela and Hope Mokoena. During the semi-finals they came up against the Potchefstroom Campus’ third-year team.

Vaal Triangle Campus' Second-year team during the semi-finals
The Vaal Triangle Campus' second-year team during the semi-finals on the Potchefstroom Campus: Lerato Masite, Mmamokgethi Lamola, Desiree Mochela and Hope Mokoena.

Vaal Triangle Campus’ third-year team represented the defence during their semi-final round and did battle against Mafikeng Campus’ second-year team. This was the second time the team of Mariné Kruger, Lucas May, Jorge Martins and Bianca Gorman competed together in the intercampus competition.

Bianca Gorman and Mariné Kruger during the Moot Court final. Lucas May during the Moot Court final Jorge Martins during the finals of the Intercampus Moot Court competition
Bianca Gorman and Mariné Kruger. Lucas May Jorge Martins

During 2014 this team competed as second-year students during the first Intercampus Criminal Moot Court competition and progressed to the final round. This year was no exception as they again made it to final of the competition. They competed against the third-year team of the Potchefstroom Campus in a tough court battle over an assault charge against their “client”.

Third-year team after the finals with Honourable Judge Frits van Oosten (presiding officer) Adv Jacques Matthee and Adv Erika Serfrontein.
At the finals of the Intercampus Moot Court competition (from left to right): Lucas May, Jorge Martins, Adv. Jacques Matthee, Honourable Judge Frits van Oosten, Adv. Erika Serfontein, Mariné Kruger and Bianca Gorman.

Though the Potchefstroom Campus team won the finals, we are very proud of our teams’ performances in this year’s competition. “I think the Vaal Campus has once again proven that we should not be underestimated. This year two worthy teams were selected to represent our campus; although the competition was tough, both teams performed exceptionally well, especially the third years who made it through to the final. They fared well during the final, holding their own against the third-year team from Potchefstroom. I am very proud of both teams. Not only were they excellent ambassadors for our campus but also gave all attendees a glimpse of what to expect from the law students at Vaal. I look forward to next years' competition. Yes, the competitors will probably be even tougher than this year, but so will we,” says Adv. Jacques Matthee, who guided students in their preparation for this year’s competition.

The Vaal Triangle Campus has offered the BA and B.Com Law degree since 2012 with a steady rise in the number of students registering each year.