Universities to apply collective intellect to work towards enduring solutions – Prof Linda du Plessis

Annette Willemse -- Wed, 12/02/2015 - 09:59

Universities to apply collective intellect to work towards enduring solutions – Prof Linda du Plessis

“In many instances the year 2015 will be remembered as a watershed year for the North-West University and more so, the Vaal Triangle Campus.”


Prof Linda du Plessis


This is according to Prof Linda du Plessis – acting Rector of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal), as quoted in her year-end message to the community. She noted that 2015 was a year during which the Campus reached its goals and rose to meet the challenges that always accompany important achievements.

“Higher education in South Africa have increasingly become sites of public contestation. The most recent of these are the national protests against fee increments, which have been mobilized, amongst others, under the banner #FeesMustFall,” said Prof Du Plessis and added that universities as national assets are part and parcel of the fabric of the society and that it was for this reason that the Campus was not immune to the national protests and concerns being raised by students. “The idea of a university, however, challenges us to display leadership and to apply our collective intellect to work towards more enduring solutions that will safeguard the academic integrity of our University; protect and ensure the dignity of students and staff; and recognize the important role of equitable and affordable access to higher education, in building a sustainable future for our country and our local community.”

Prof Du Plessis furthermore stated that as the Campus embarks on its future journey, she is filled with a sense of optimism. “The Campus remains committed to educating individuals who, in turn, go on to contribute new ideas and discoveries to the world.” To do this the Campus will continue to attract talented students from across the country, and ensure that it provides a learning environment fit for future innovators.  “Our focus remains fixed on our core business, namely: teaching-learning, research and community engagement and we hold in high regard the promotion of virtuous ideals and the concept of whole person education. After all, it’s not just about education, but the opportunity that education brings.”

Historic milestone in 2016

In 2016 the Vaal Triangle Campus will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Campus as a site of delivery for tertiary education and this milestone will provide everyone associated with the Campus the opportunity to honour its proud legacy and pay tribute to its accomplishments thus far.  “In this regard, I want to thank the many members of the Vaal Triangle community who have supported the Campus in so many ways. We are who we are because of you!”

According to Prof Du Plessis all the accomplishments of the Campus are due to dedicated services and efforts of the community, it is this kind of communication, care and cooperation that – according to Prof Du Plessis, makes the Vaal Triangle community so unique and precious.  “Our successes would be virtually impossible without the diligence of our staff (academic and support), students and alumni who work to strengthen the Campus in so many important ways. I take enormous pride in what our teamwork has achieved for the NWU Vaal. With your continued support we will continue to inspire the next generation of great minds.”

She closed her address by wishing all a blessed Festive Season.