Swedish eye-tracking expert to address ETSA Conference

Annette Willemse -- Tue, 10/06/2015 - 10:17

Swedish eye-tracking expert to address ETSA Conference

World-renowned eye-tracking specialist, Prof Kenneth Holmqvist will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming 2015 Eye Tracking South Africa (ETSA) Conference. The conference will be hosted by the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal).  

Prof Kenneth Holmqvist

More about the keynote speaker

Kenneth Holmqvist is a professor in Psychology (Ph.D. Apr 1993), who now holds a tenure position as head of the eye-tracking group at Lund University in Sweden. Over the past ten years, the research in Holmqvist’s group has focused on central themes in eye tracking, EEG (neuroscience) and human measures research to improve measures and methods, the theoretically important psychological question of mental imagery, individual differences in cognition, attention (also in autism and special populations), and several strands of applied research, where methods can be tested in a real setting. He has also pioneered the development of novel methods of working remotely, teaching remotely, and collaborating online, in order to bring the expertise of the lab to a wider audience. During this period, Holmqvist has been the principle investigator of a number of nationally funded projects (total sum amounts to 5.978.000 EUR).

The eye-tracking group in Lund is today the biggest in Scandinavia in terms of equipment, number of researchers and international publications (40+ eye-trackers, 9 full-time post-graduate/post-doctorate researchers, 20+ co-affiliated researchers, and 102 peer reviewed journal publications since the group was established around 1998, 39 peer reviewed conference keynotes, talks and posters since 2005, and 20+ TV, radio and newspapers appearances).

After founding the eye-tracking laboratory in 1995 – which later grew into the large Humanities Laboratory, Holmqvist has worked in a large variety of eye-tracking-based research stretching from reading research and scene perception, over to newspaper reading, advertisement studies and gesture recognition in face-to-face interaction. On a practical level, Prof Holmqvist has extensive expertise in eye-tracking as it is utilised in applied areas, including decision making in supermarkets and research on safety in car driving and air traffic control.  In 2000 he initiated regular master courses in eye-tracking methodology.

In 2006, he founded the Scandinavian Conference on Applied Eye-tracking, and in 2008, the international LETA training courses in eye-tracking methodology. He is currently the main author of the international standard "Eye Tracking: a comprehensive guide to methods and measures", and chairperson of the initiative for standardisation of data quality assessment.

More about the 2015 ETSA Conference

The conference consists of an open day and an academic seminar to be hosted on 7-9 October, on the Vaal Triangle Campus in Vanderbijlpark.