Study indicates SA has the lowest fertility rate

Koos Degenaar -- Thu, 08/06/2015 - 19:55

Study indicates SA has the lowest fertility rate

South Africa has the lowest fertility rate in mainland sub-Saharan Africa and also has the lowest marriage rates in the world. These remarkable findings were presented by Prof Monde Makiwane from the Human Science Research Council (HSRC) during a public lecture on 31 July 2015 on the Mafikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU) .

The lecture was part of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (HSS) lecture series with the topic “Why is fertility lower in South Africa compared to the rest of mainland Sub-Saharan Africa?’’

According to the study the most declines were recorded during Apartheid and continued in the post-apartheid era. The study reveiled the main factors behind a decline in fertility to be a decline in children born out of marriage, the use of contraceptives by people of higher social economic status and secondary abstinence.   

Prof Makiwane is a chief research specialist at the HSRC as well as a research associate at the School of Political and Governmental Studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

“We are having this lecture series to stimulate research and also to change the research culture by sharing what other researchers are doing - be it within or outside the university,” says Prof Akim Mturi, director for research and postgraduate studies in the faculty.