Stage is set for October graduation ceremony

Annette Willemse -- Thu, 10/08/2015 - 15:20

Stage is set for October graduation ceremony

The stage is set for the October graduation ceremony of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal) on Thursday, 15 October 2015.

During this ceremony – which is to be hosted at the Quest Conference Estate in Vanderbijlpark, more than 100 students will graduate. A total of 25 postgraduate qualifications will also be conferred – including five Honours degrees, twelve Master’s degrees and eight Doctoral degrees. 

Prof Linda du Plessis, acting Campus Rector

According to the acting Campus Rector, Prof Linda du Plessis, a graduation ceremony is a celebration of the coming of age of the next generation of leaders; opinion formers; educators; entrepreneurs; technical experts and artists and as such the occasion is marked not only by the acknowledgement of achievement, but also the promise of future greatness. “A graduation ceremony is at the same time the beginning of an exciting new phase of your relationship with your alma mater,” says Prof Du Plessis and adds that upon receiving a qualification, a student’s status changes from a mere student to that of a scholar and alumnus. “Our alumni are important ambassadors and friends of the campus,” explains Prof Du Plessis whilst adding that the Vaal Triangle Campus is extremely proud of its alumni network that spans not only the African continent but the world at large.

Awarding of the Chancellor’s Medal

The October graduation ceremony will see the prestigious Chancellor’s Medal be awarded to Dr Anita Denise Worral.  By means of the Chancellor’s Medal the North-West University wishes to recognise Dr Worral for the ground-breaking research she has done within the South African sphere of bilingualism and cognitive development. This research provided the first empirical evidence of the cognitive advantages of bilingualism. Her work directly impacted scholars to investigate the cognitive benefits of bi- and multilingualism, as well as describing the conditions for effective bi- and multilingual education. Because of her background she is multilingual and can speak Romanian, English, French, Spanish and Afrikaans.

Dr Worral has also focused her life on strengthening cognitive education in South African schools and the provision of learning opportunities to children with special educational needs. She (Dr Worral) firmly believes that all learners can learn, flourish and succeed when provided with appropriate and quality education and support, which among others imply that learners need to develop the propensity to apply their own cognitive resources when faced with learning challenges.

Young Alumni

All students that will be graduating during the upcoming graduation ceremony, will become part of the campus’s Young Alumni Movement.  As an alumni (female) or alumnus (male) of the University, graduates are beckoned into the folds of the dynamic and ever growing network of graduates across the globe.

The word “alumni” – which is derived from the Latin term “alere”, means to nourish and according to the campus’s Alumni Coordinator, Ms Alwine Naude, the meaning of the word becomes even more symbolic when one relates it to the Vaal Triangle Campus. “Just as the leafy green trees on the banks of the majestic Vaal River is anchored and nourished by their roots digging deep in the fertile soil, so our quest for knowledge and accomplishment is nurtured by the enabling environment of the campus.” At the North-West University both graduates (who receive degrees) and diplomats (who receive diplomas) are part of the extended and celebrated alumni family.

According to Ms Naude, the core function of the NWU Vaal Alumni Office is to enable all graduates to keep in touch with the campus and with each other whilst providing lifelong opportunities for alumni to support their alma mater, in whichever way they deem fit. As ambassadors of the campus, alumni members play a vital role in the upkeep of the institution’s good reputation – both nationally and internationally. Members of the alumni fraternity also bears testament that a qualification from the North-West University remains a sought after commodity.

Ms Naude invites all graduates to sign-up to become part of the campus’s alumni fraternity. “By making a conscious decision to be informed, the transition from life as a student to being a successful member of the working environment is made easy,” explains Ms Naude and adds that in exchange the University urges graduates to remember the role played by the different generations of graduates in shaping the future of the University – and more so, the Vaal Triangle Campus.

For more information please contact the Alumni Office on 016 910 3250 or visit their Facebook page.