Space researchers present papers in Moscow

Christi Cloete -- Mon, 08/25/2014 - 08:08

Space researchers present papers in Moscow

Members of the Centre for Space Research (CSR) and some of their PhD students attended the 40th COSPAR General Assembly in Moscow, Russia recently.

This biannual assembly is one of the biggest international events on all aspects of Space Sciences, from geospace, around the Earth, through heliospace around the Sun, to deep space between Galaxies. The COSPAR Assembly was held from 1 to 10 August.

During the opening ceremony, held at the Moscow State University, greetings from the three Russian cosmonauts on board the International Space Station was broadcasted, shown them floating freely, together with a microphone, inside the space station.

Prof. Stefan Ferreira, the director of the CSR, was the Main Scientific Organizer of Symposium D1.3 on 'Galactic Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere'. He is also the co-vice-chair of Subcommission D1 on the 'Heliosphere'. He and his post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Rex Manuel, gave oral presentations on the 'time-dependent modulation of cosmic rays in the heliosphere'. Dr. Helena Kruger, a senior lecturer, and Dr. Eugene Engelbrecht, another post doctoral fellow, also gave talks in Symposium D1.3.  

Dr. Christo Venter, a senior lecturer, presented an invited review talk in Symposium E1.15 (Rotation-powered Pulsars from Radio to the Highest Energies) and a poster in Symposium E1.6 (Origin of Cosmic Rays).

Dr. du Toit Strauss, a senior lecturer, received the COSPAR Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists. He is the fourth young scientist from this group to have received this price over the past decade. He also presented an invited review talk in Symposium D1.3 and a contributed talk in Symposium D1.1 (Global Structure of the Heliosphere).

Prof. Marius Potgieter, who is the chairperson of the South African Committee for Space Research (COSPAR) represented South Africa on two COSPAR Council Meetings and on the COSPAR Publication Committee. He gave three talks and presented three posters on his and his students' research, in Symposia D1.2 (Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere; from Pickup Ions to Anomalous Cosmic Rays), D1.3 and E1.6 His and Dr. Strauss' proposals to organize symposia during the next COSPAR in Istanbul have been accepted. His PhD-students, Driaan Bisschoff presented a poster in Symposium E1.6 and Donald Ngobeni, who is also a lecturer at the Vaal University of Technology, a talk in Symposium D1.3.

Members of the CSR, their students as mentioned above (also including Rendani Nndanganeni, Etienne Vos, Jan-Louis Raath, Lourens Prinsloo, and Godfrey Mosotho), together with collaborators from Germany, Italy and the USA were involved in a total of fourteen oral presentations and seven poster presentations.

PHOTO: The 40th COSPAR Assembly was held at the Moscow State University.

PHOTO: Dr. Du Toit Strauss received the COSPAR Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists.