So you think you are smart? – NWU student societies host Academic Day

Annette Willemse -- Tue, 07/14/2015 - 08:18

So you think you are smart? – NWU student societies host Academic Day

“So you think you are smart?” This is the question up for debate during the Faculty of Humanities’ first-ever Academic Day as organised by several student societies within the faculty. The Academic Day will take place on Friday, 24 July.


Stop for a moment and ask yourself if there was ever a time (or times) you’ve arrogantly said or thought: “I’m too smart for this.” If you’re someone who always believed that you’re Mr Smarty Pants, you may want to take a step back and contemplate. That kind of thinking can work against you in life and in work. With this in mind the BA Committee, Law Students Council, History Society and the Industrial Psychology Society aim to bring students – within the Faculty of Humanities, together to network and learn from each other in a fun and entertaining manner.

Events include: a spelling bee, public speaking, a roundtable debate, pop quizzes and a robust dialogue session featuring a member of the Campus Management structure. According to the organizing body the different societies have come together to demonstrate that the process of learning – and continuous learning at that, does not have to be a “boring experience”, but rather an exercise in creativity and innovation.

An invitation is hereby extended to all students and participation forms can be collected in Building 11B (outside of Dr Ilyayambwa Mwanawina’s office). Please note that all participation forms should be completed and handed in by Tuesday, 21 July.

Activities will start at 10:00 at Building 6. For more information please contact Ntai on 074 043 9572 or Tsakani on 076 271 4615.