SIOPSA launches Vaal Chapter

Annette Willemse -- Mon, 10/05/2015 - 09:11

SIOPSA launches Vaal Chapter

The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology South Africa (SIOPSA) recently launched its Vaal Chapter at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal) in Vanderbijlpark. 

Prof Llewellyn van Zyl Mr Ederick Stander

According to SIOPSA President, Prof Llewellyn van Zyl, the need for regional chapters arose because of the “pockets” of industrial and organizational psychology professionals in the different demographic regions and the renewed drive by the society to continue to add value to professionals – be it in terms of research or industry specific interventions.  The Chairperson of the Vaal Chapter – which is the third chapter to be inaugurated, is Mr Ederick Stander. Stander is a registered Industrial Psychologist and the Subject Chair of Industrial Psychology within the School of Behavioural Sciences at the NWU Vaal.

The steering committee of the Vaal Chapter is made-up by the following individuals:

  • Mr Ederick Stander
  • Ms Abigail Lang
  • Ms Leonie van der Vaart
  • Ms Lynelle Coxen
  • Ms Winnie Sepeng

In his welcoming address, Prof van Zyl formally congratulated the Vaal Chapter Executive Committee on being nominated to serve SIOPSA within a regional structure. “I not only appreciate your willingness to invest your skills, abilities, knowledge and insight into the society, but also admire your dedication and commitment towards our field of specialisation. It is because of individuals such as yourselves, volunteering their expertise and knowledge that SIOPSA has grown into such a success.” Professor van Zyl furthermore explained the value of the chapter structures by highlighting the following envisioned outcomes thereof:

  • The various chapters are set to accommodate industry practitioners, experts and, researchers alike.
  • Chapters will offer an interactive platform from which research and best practices will be shared.
  • High-level research will be made available to chapter members and as such the practical applications and implications of research will be shared, discussed and implemented.
  • Chapters will serve as hubs of knowledge and keep members abreast of the latest developments within the fields of industrial and organisational psychology.

The inauguration of the Vaal Chapter coincided with the society’s annual Ethics Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Prof Freddie Crous – an expert within the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  Practitioners who attended the workshop obtained 8 ethics CEU points for their continuous professional development portfolio. The workshop also represented a keen networking session.

Mr Ederick Stander, Chairperson: Vaal Branch Prof Llewellyn van Zyl, President: SIOPSA Prof Freddie Crous