Singer Sais making waves locally and abroad

Belinda Bantham -- Fri, 08/04/2017 - 15:02

Singer Sais making waves locally and abroad

North-West University (NWU) student, Simon “Sais” du Plooy, has become an international singing sensation overnight.Three months ago Sais, an LLB student on the NWU’s campus in Potchefstroom, posted a video of himself encouraging South Africans to make the country a better place by coming together and uniting.


In the video he asks members of the public to not be afraid of making new friends from different cultural backgrounds and races.Sais ended his message by giving a heart-warming performance of the anti-Apartheid protest song 'Weeping', followed by the South African national anthem.



From local singer to an international sensation


A few weeks after his video made waves on social media, Sais collaborated with singer, songwriter and producer Lee Berg, who is also the owner of Deconstructing Adam Studios.They recorded a cover of Leonard Cohen’s renowned song ‘Hallelujah’, and also shot a music video for the track in Cape Town.


“We knew that ‘Hallelujah’ was an over sung song, but we really loved it and wanted the song to be priceless and to have an impact on the public,” says Sais.He adds that the idea for the music video was inspired by Lee’s life story.“Lee lost his mother at the age of 10, so in the music video we tried to depict how sad and lonely the world is for most orphaned children. The aim of the video is to get people to open up their hearts and give back where they can,” he says.


The music video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 380 000 times on The Humour Lad’s Facebook page. New Zealand, Pakistan, the United States of America, Australia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Spain are some of the countries where the video has been watched.

“We are extremely happy with how well it has done and did not expect it to go viral. This was a spur of the moment idea,” says Sais.



Where to from here

With only about five months left for Sais to graduate, he says he will continue doing both music and law.“I am equally passionate about singing and being a lawyer, so when I graduate I want to work as a lawyer in the music industry, copywriting the songs produced by artists,” says Sais.

He looks forward to working on his album and depending on Lee’s availability, the two singers could work on an album together. “I would like to thank my family, friends, Lee and Khawar Malik, the founder of The Humour Lad Facebook page, for all their support and contributions,” concludes Sais.