Second International Eye tracking South Africa Conference to be held on the Vaal Triangle Campus

Anjonet Jordaan -- Thu, 03/05/2015 - 14:12

Second International Eye tracking South Africa Conference to be held on the Vaal Triangle Campus

The second International Eye Tracking South Africa Conference (ETSA) will be held from 7-9 October 2015 on the Vaal Triangle Campus of North-West University, Vanderbijlpark.

The conference will include poster sessions, as well as presentations of both short and long papers. This conference is not exclusively for academic researchers though; people from industry are invited to present their products and services in non-academic workshops and demonstrations.

Industry in the context of eye tracking includes users thereof, for example market researchers, usability analysts, graphic designers, educators, radiographers, occupational and speech therapists, people with physical disabilities, cognitive psychologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists – the list is nearly endless.


Keynote speakers

This second conference will include both national and international experts:

Prof Juan Bornman

Prof Bornman, from the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication at the University of Pretoria is actively involved in the disability field as trainer, researcher and activist for one of the most vulnerable groups within the disability spectrum: those individuals with little or no speech. She has published over 30 journal articles and books.


Prof Kenneth Holmqvist

Prof Holmqvist’s research group at Lund University focuses on central themes in eye tracking, EEG and human measures research to improve measures and methods; the theoretically important psychological question of mental imagery, individual differences in cognition, attention, and several strands of applied research, where methods can be tested in a real setting.

He has also pioneered the development of novel methods of working remotely and collaborating online in order to bring the expertise of his lab to a wider audience.


Mr Michael Schießl

He pioneered the use of implicit research methods such as eye tracking and reaction-time based measurement for understanding user and brand experience. He received his education from the technical University Berlin and he is the Managing Director of Eye Square. He is a prominent speaker at various international conferences.




Original research papers on related to eye movement and the application thereof are invited covering the following topics:

  • Usability
  • Visualisation
  • Gaze interaction
  • Reading research
  • Eye control for people with disabilities
  • Visual attention
  • Systems, tools and methods
  • Eye movements
  • Technical aspects of eye tracking, e.g. pupil detection calibration, mapping, event detection, data quality, etc.


More information on requirements for paper and poster presentations can be found on the ETSA website –


Special interest or Case study sessions for practitioners and industry

ETSA 2015 invites practitioners from any related discipline (occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy, ophthalmology, etc.) to present case study based sessions on their use of eye tracking with patients or clients.

These need not present formal research and should be submitted in the format of a short paper under the Special Interest category. Submissions should describe the case study and the findings which will be presented.

Additionally, industry is invited to submit in this category for consideration of non-academic workshops of demonstrations. These submissions should be in the form of a proposal for the envisaged workshop, detailing the contents of the workshop or demonstration and how it will be presented.


Submission deadlines

30 June 2015: Submission of papers, posters and case studies

14 August 2015: Notification of acceptance

24 August 2015: Submission of camera ready papers


Registration dates

31 July 2015: Registration opens

31 August 2015: Early bird registration ends

18 September 2015: Late registration closes


More information: