School of Languages and Lions take hands for literacy

Christi Cloete -- Wed, 08/13/2014 - 09:11

School of Languages and Lions take hands for literacy

The School of Languages together with the Lions Club in Potchefstroom, collected piles of books in order to give less fortunate children the opportunity to broaden their horizons. The School for LanGerda Wittmann from the School of Languages, handing over the books to Abraham Kriel Children and Youth Centre’s Florah Votyekaguages understands that the love for reading must be instilled from early childhood and that books are the key to a brighter future.

The love for books and the worlds it can sweep you away to, must not only be discovered at university. The seed must be sowed at a very young age already. the books the personnel of the School of Languages donated, were given to the Abraham Kriel Children and Youth Centre where it will be used to grow a reading culture amongst the children.

This initiative was sparked by the members of the Lions Club Potchefstroom. Literacy is a soft spot with both the Lions International and the School of Languages. the director of the School of Languages, Prof. Wannie Carstens, says the personnel of the School of Languages are not people who only spend time doing research (to write books and articles) and teach (students who must enter the working world), but they also open their hearts to the community. Therefore the School decided to become part of this book donation project."

This wonderful initiative must not be left here, but it will be wonderful if all people working at the NWU could become part of this project. By opening their hearts and emptying their book shelves, a better future can be created for these children whom otherwise would not have had this opportunity.