Restoring economics to the service of humanity provision in South Africa

Koos Degenaar -- Tue, 05/26/2015 - 15:28

Restoring economics to the service of humanity provision in South Africa

Prof Gawlick Remigiusz from Cracow University of Economics in Poland presented a stimulating public lecture at the Mafikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU)  on 19 May 2015 entitled “restoring economics back to the service of humanity-provision for South Africa".

Prof Gawlick’s interests lie in his various michael kors australia online fields of expertise which include international economic and political relations, social costs of global economic development, enhancing decision making of young people at the verge of their professional careers (economy of happiness, work–life balance) and entrepreneurship. He also received the 1st degree award for team scientific achievements which was presented by the Rector of Cracow University of Economics

In his lecture he talked about the European insight on sustainable and balanced growth in the European Union as he also raised his views on the invisible hand of the market which can be applied to some fields of human activity as well as in restoring the science of economics back to the service of humanity.

This remarkable economist in his concluding michael kors stockists australia opinions stated some ways of reestablishing the discipline of economics to the provision of humanity. “Not everything can be measured in money, although costs are always to be taken into account,” he said.

Some of the points he mentioned include the discussion of sustainable and balanced socio-economic development instead of economic growth as well as thoughts on various variables of development seen from an economic perspective.