Relocation of the Totius statue from the NWU's Potchefstroom Campus

Pertunia Thulo -- Fri, 12/11/2015 - 11:44

Relocation of the Totius statue from the NWU´s Potchefstroom Campus

Simultaneously with a communication from family members of Totius, the Administrative Bureau of the Reformed Churches in South Africa (RCSA), in consultation with the curators of the RCSA, addressed a request to the Rector of the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University to relocate the Totius statue.

The Totius statue is being entrusted to the RCSA to place it on property of the RCSA in Potchefstroom. A decision regarding the precise location will be taken after the statue has been cleaned and restored.

The RCSA has already consulted members of the family of Totius. Any enquiries regarding the proposed location to which the statue will be moved, should be addressed to Mr Giel Erasmus, chairperson of the Property Committee of the Administrative Bureau of the RCSA. His contact details are or 082 494 5005.

The Totius statue had been located in the Totius Garden of Remembrance next to the Wasgoed Spruit in Albert Luthuli Drive. In 2009 the statue was restored and cleaned by the original sculptor, Jo Roos, and his sons. The statue was then moved to the NWU's Potchefstroom Campus as part of an initiative to honour great authors of the North West in a special way, where it was unveiled on the campus during the 140 year anniversary celebrations on 16 October 2009.

Totius was a celebrated Bible translator and poet of the versifications of the Psalms and had played an important role in the history of the former Potchefstroom University College (PUK) and the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE). As professor in Theology he was simultaneously attached to the PUK (and later the PU for CHE) and the RCSA's Theological School, where he had been both student and rector, as well as the first chancellor of the PU for CHE. He played a key role in the relocation of the Theological School from Burgersdorp to Potchefstroom in 1905, where the PUK in 1919 developed out of the Theological School as an independent tertiary institution.