NWU Vaal students to celebrate World Water Day as a learning opportunity

Anjonet Jordaan -- Wed, 03/18/2015 - 15:51

NWU Vaal students to celebrate World Water Day as a learning opportunity

Water is one of the earth’s greatest and scarcest resources, and to bring attention to the importance of water conservation, World Water Day will be celebrated on 22 March. The Vaal Triangle Campus will not simply commemorate the day this year, students from the School of Education will with their lecturer, Ms Irene Muller, test the water on campus.

The Vaal Triangle Campus is a proclaimed nature reserve and located on the banks of the Vaal River, which makes the conservation of natural resources not only part of research and activism on campus, but also a learning opportunity for students.

The Vaal Triangle Campus is also the host of the South African Water History Archival Repository, which contains historical data on water, including the stories of great water projects undertaken in South Africa such as the Tugela Scheme and the Gariep Dam.

Two researchers on campus from the School of Basic Sciences focus their research on water: Prof Frank Winde from the subject group geography researches among others water pollution and the impact of mine activities near water resources; whilst Prof Johann Tempelhoff from subject group history researches our current water sources, how historical events impacted on water resources and how these resources may be better managed in future.