NWU Vaal Faculty ups the stakes for 12th annual CANSA Shavathon

Annette Willemse -- Thu, 02/19/2015 - 16:21

NWU Vaal Faculty ups the stakes for 12th annual CANSA Shavathon

When it comes to showing their support to a worthy cause, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU) adheres to the saying, “Go big, or go home”.

This year marks the 12th annual CANSA Shavathon initiative and the Faculty is inviting staff and students to make their impact felt in solidarity with those affected by cancer.

Prof Herman van der Merwe and Jani Jooste Going...going.... Gone with the hair!


According to Jani Joose, Faculty Coordinator, the challenge is on to not only raise much needed money for cancer research but also to unite the Campus community for a worthy cause. The challenge works as follows: you can either shave your head – in a symbolic gesture of support for cancer survivors, or you can sport a colourful hairdo by having your hair sprayed or gelled (using multi-coloured non-permanent vegetable dye). Alternatively, you can also donate your ponytail (of 25cm in length). The latter will go toward making wigs for cancer patients in need.

In 2014 the Faculty hosted its first shavathon, and befitting of a true leader – the Executive Dean of the Faculty, Prof Herman van der Merwe, took up the challenge and had his shaven clean. His bravery motivated several colleagues whilst the less brace chose to spray or gel their hair. “This year we will be involving everybody in our aim to raise awareness and funds,” says Jooste and adds that the Campus plays an important role in sharing the message of hope whilst educating both young and old about the illness.

More about the CANSA Shavathon

CANSA held their first CANSA Shavathon 12 years ago and in 2015, the event is still going strong – with men, women, children, caregivers, cancer survivors and people whose lives have been personally touched by cancer, rallying the troops and joining the nationwide event, each with their own reason for getting involved.

See you at the shavathon

The NWU Vaal Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology’s shavathon will take place on 6 March 2015. The costs involved are:

  • R5.00 for a one colour spray
  • R10.00 for two colour sprays
  • R20.00 for a full head spray (multi-coloured)
  • R20.00 to shave your head

Donations are also welcome.

For more information, contact Jani.jooste@nwu.ac.za