NWU Vaal App Factory – Design your own mobile apps

Annette Willemse -- Mon, 04/20/2015 - 15:21

NWU Vaal App Factory – Design your own mobile apps

Have ever considered developing your own mobile application? Are you toying with an idea for a mobile application, but you do not know how to proceed any further? If you answered yes, then the NWU Vaal App Factory on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal), has a tailor-made solution for you.

 In only its second year since its inception this dynamic unit within the School of Information Technology is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to harnessing and commercialising the power of mobile technology. In fact, the NWU Vaal App Factory not only contributes towards the core-business of the University by conducting ground-breaking research into mobile applications but is also enabling entrepreneurs to retool their technical skills set and enter the market as technology-savvy knowledge creators. 

In terms of research, the unit strives to be ahead of the curve, and focuses on aspects such as: mobile application requirements for industry and enterprise; student mobile app usage; 3D virtual communities and online gaming, databases and meta-objects as an information tool and combining the technological advantages of robotics and mobile technologies.

The NWU Vaal App Factory teaches students to develop their own mobile applications

NWU Vaal App Factory – empowering students one app at a time

Free training and workshops are available to all registered students of the NWU Vaal who are interested in learning more about mobile app development.  These interactive sessions are free of charge and cover the necessary skills needed to develop workable and commercial viable applications. According to Theo Fitchat, a member of the NWU Vaal App Factory team, training is given on a one-on-one basis at the unit’s Mobile Laboratory, and sessions can be booked in accordance to students’ schedules. The Mobile Laboratory is situated in Building 8, Room G32.

A wide variety of free training modules are offered by the NWU Vaal App Factory, including:

  • Computer programming
  • Web design
  • Web programming
  • Graphics design
  • Mobile programming
  • Database design
  • Electronic design

According to Fitchat, the unit also hosts a monthly workshop during which a new app related concept is discussed. Previous topics that have been covered include:

  • Using Android in the workplace
  • Using Blackberry in the workplace
  • Ad-hoc mobile workshops

The Mobile Laboratory is also open to all budding mobile developers and students during Campus office hours (09:00 – 16:00) on weekdays.  For more information in this regard, please contact Theo Fitchat by sending him an e-mail to theo.fitchat@nwu.ac.za

Successful projects thus far

The NWU Vaal App Factory boasts with several feathers in its cap, including the development and implementation of several business and social apps. These apps include, amongst others:

  • Cluedapp
    An online crossword generator and gaming portal, developed as a marketing tool for a media house based in the Vaal Triangle.
  • Peepzklik
    A student-student and student-student leadership communication app
  • Lobola Calculator app
  • Parking reservation system
  • Hospital meal menu app
  • MyPark music distribution app

The NWU Vaal App Factory is headed-up by Prof Dawid Jordaan.