NWU researcher bellows about frog app

Johan Van Zyl -- Wed, 03/23/2016 - 07:59

NWU researcher bellows about frog app

A brand-new application (app) for your smartphone or tablet about the frogs of Southern Africa was recently launched by a professor in Zoology at the North-West University (NWU).

Prof Louis du Preez, or the frog man as he is also known, has become synonymous with frogs and their well-being to which he dedicates most of his academic career. The Complete Guide to the Frogs of Southern Africa was recently launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play in collaboration with co-developer Vincent Carruthers. It should be extremely popular with nature lovers, students and scientists. The application contains all 160 familiar species of Southern Africa and elucidates them with more than 1 600 photos, videos, sound bytes of frog calls, details about their habitat and where each species can be found.

The app is interactive and enables the user to upload a sighting of the different species, with GPS coordinates of where they were sighted, notes and commentary. It also contains a user-friendly identification key that makes the identification of a specific frog species easy.

A YouTube video with a brief explanation of the use and advantages of the app is also available here.

Du Preez is an established researcher with a C1 rating of the National Research Foundation, author of 102 scientific articles and seven books that have flowed from his pen. He is at the helm of the African Amphibian Conservation Research Group and his research focuses on the well-being of amphibians and in particular on the conservation of endangered species, as well as the systematics and ecology of amphibian parasite diversity.