NWU Psychology duo present at Daystar University, Kenya

Dumile Mlambo -- Mon, 11/23/2015 - 11:29

NWU Psychology duo present at Daystar University, Kenya

Prof Tumi Khumalo and Dr Janvier Rugira of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal), recently presented a public lecture at the School of Human and Social Sciences at Daystar University, Nairobi Campus in Kenya. 

The theme of the lecture was “Conceptual, contextual and methodological challenges of positive psychology”.

The presentation by these two dons, both from the Optentia Research Focus Area focused on Positive Psychology, a relatively new field in psychology with a strong emphasis on human strength, which enables people to move forward and live meaningful lives. As leaders in their field the duo reiterated the importance of focusing on wellbeing of individuals, rather than only focusing on pathological clients.

Prof Khumalo explained the multicultural reality of rapid globalisation in understanding the use of psychology within the African context. He said that by doing so, psychologists will enhance understanding of dynamic models, interplay between person and context, intrapersonal processes, life span development and adequate measurement. “This is an interesting new field in Psychology and more work still needs to be done to educate people about it”, he explains.

“Coming back to share my experiences and knowledge is a way of giving back to Daystar University,” said Dr Rugira, a Daystar alumnus who graduated with a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology before joining the NWU.

Those in attendance unanimously agreed that the discipline of Psychology cuts across all other social disciplines.

The Dean School of Human and Social Science, at Daystar University, Dr Kennedy Ongaro, indicated a possible partnership between Daystar University and the NWU to enhance growth between the two universities. He also promised to hold more talks as a way of exchanging ideas and impacting students.