NWU to host first SA symposium on Teacher Education for Inclusion

Anjonet Jordaan -- Wed, 02/18/2015 - 09:21

NWU to host first SA symposium on Teacher Education for Inclusion

The first ever biannual symposium on teacher education for inclusion: linking research to practice is set to take place on 1 and 2 October 2015 in Vanderbijlpark. The symposium is hosted by North-West University’s (NWU's) Optentia Research Programme, located on the Vaal Triangle Campus, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education on the Potchefstroom Campus.

Over the past two decades the notion of including and educating learners with diverse educational needs in mainstream schools has shaped developments in education across the world. Dealing with a diversity of needs in an inclusive or all-encompassing educational environment remains a big challenge to teachers.

Worldwide a lack of appropriate training is sited by teachers as the primary cause for this difficulty. In practice, no drastic changes are evident despite continuing research exploring teacher educators, pre-service and in-service teachers’ feelings, opinions, experiences, frustrations and needs with regard to training. Researchers, policy makers, teacher educators and practitioners (teachers) are therefore compelled to come together to discuss how research and practice can meet to ensure the effective training of pre-service and in-service teachers.

The aim of this symposium will be to provide an update on both national and international research advances with regard to teacher education on inclusive education. A secondary but very important objective is to teacher educators at Higher Education Institutions and teachers-in-practice the opportunity to have discussions and establish networks on to ensure that research on teacher education can change practice.

Both nationally and internationally renowned researchers on inclusive education will deliver keynote presentations at this symposium:

  • Prof. Elizabeth Kozleski from the University of Kansas, United States of America
  • Prof. Rolf Werning from the University of Leibniz, Germany
  • Prof. Petra Engelbrecht, from North-West University, South Africa
  • Prof. Hannu Savolainen, from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland,
  • Dr. Elizabeth Walton, from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


The symposium venue

The symposium takes place at the Emerald resort in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. Accommodation will be available at the resort as well as at a wide variety of guest houses in the area. A list of possible accommodation appears on the Optentia website (http://www.optentia.co.za)


Workshops will be presented on 29 and 30 September

*More information on the symposium and register as a delegate, please follow this link to Optentia’s website.