Alumna aspires to inspire young women

Dumile Mlambo -- Thu, 10/13/2016 - 15:46

Alumna aspires to inspire young women

“Do not let a toxic relationship define you. Never give up on life and keep on chasing your dreams.” This good advice comes from Tiisang Euginia Masoko, an alumna of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal), who recently authored a book: Aspire to Inspire – Diary of a healing heart.

The book aims to assist and motivate young women who were caught-up in toxic relationships to rediscover their self-worth and achieve emotional maturity.

Euginia captures her journey to emotional maturity as follows: “At some point in your life, your weakness might turn into your strength. A problem can be an opportunity, depending how you look at it. I wrote a book to overcome my stress. I got my Honours degree the same year. I went from being a pedestrian to the driver of my life. I went from being a note writer on Facebook to a published author. If opportunities do not come to you, you have to go get them!”

This BCom Economics and Informatics graduate – who studied at the Campus from 2005 to 2007, celebrated the launch of her debut publication during a glitzy affair in Midrand, Johannesburg. The launch coincided with her 30th birthday and her Honours graduation. The book was self-published by Euginia with the help of BK Publishing, a South African-based publishing house with over 10 years of industry experience. The company provides publishing services to both established as well as up-and-coming self-published young authors, such as Euginia.

For Eugina the inspiration to write, was triggered by – as she calls it, “something unusual.” She says it came from her deep anger and frustration with what was happening in her romantic relationship at the time. Although the book is relevant to men as well, she says its premise stems from the idea that women can still achieve their dreams despite their failed relationship pasts.

After years of dreaming about writing and pursuing a career in the field, Euginia says she finally got the “push” when her relationship with her ex-boyfriend turned sour. She says she started penning down her relationship’s ups and downs in a small diary. Little did this wordsmith from Pella Village, in the North West Province, know that one day she will be a proud author of a published work.

“I turned a bad situation into an opportunity – I found therapy in writing”, says this proud mother of one. She adds that there were multiple reasons why she got inspired to write but the main one was anger - at herself, at life and at her ex-boyfriend - whom triggered the story behind “Diary of a broken heart”.  She adds that “I wanted to get over him and simultaneously find peace in not having a successful relationship as well”.

Although her fulltime job as a Project Administrator at the Airport Company South Africa can be demanding at times, she still makes time to write. After saving up enough money to cover publishing costs, her next book titled:  “Life starts with you” will be send to the publishing house for editing. Because of her passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young girls and boys from her hometown village, she says that all profits from the sales of her book will go towards a fund she’s currently working to get off the ground. The fund will be dedicated to the memory of her late mother.

“I believe strongly in education and that it is the only tool needed to exit poverty and through this fund I hope to help many disadvantaged children further their studies”, she says.