Campus helps local businesses rethink their brands

Dumile Mlambo -- Mon, 06/27/2016 - 12:22

Campus helps local businesses rethink their brands

Thinking carefully about your brand’s personality, colour, wording and the value of using the correct font were among the tips given to representatives of the local business community at a recent Branding Workshop hosted by the bHive EDC (Enterprise Development Centre) at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal). 

Titled: “The Psychology of Branding”, the workshop was facilitated by Mr Re-an Muller a lecturer and brand specialist within the Faculty of Economic Sciences (within the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology). The event mirrors the bHive EDC’s commitment towards bridging the gap between business and education by establishing a hub from where individuals and companies are empowered with various skills in order for them to establish their own ventures and contribute towards the sustainable growth of the region and the province.

According to Mr Muller the importance of branding is an ever growing phenomenon within companies operating within the business world.

During the interactive session, Muller explained the concept of a brand from the ground-up, using unassuming language to not only make a lasting impact on the delegates in attendance but to ultimately add value to their respective business operations. He further focused on analysing well vested company brands and explained how to effectively manage brands to ultimately improve visibility and effectiveness within the industry.

“For any business – big or small, to stand out from the competition, it’s essential to develop a strong, identifiable brand,” he said. He further emphasised that a good brand goes beyond just a good looking logo or a slogan, saying that it involves presenting a unique brand personality through every contact point with potential customers.

Joseph, one of the attendees of the workshop, representing Kensington Finest Properties International, said he found the workshop to be very interesting. “Re-an's talk was lively, entertaining and above all very informative,” he adds. 

Re-an said that it was encouraging to see such a good turnout, and he hopes that the knowledge shared will bear good fruits for many.

About bHive EDC

In essence, the bHhive Enterprise Development Centre serves as an incubator for entrepreneurial ventures and the vesting of a sustainable entrepreneurial spirit. The bHive EDC is an entrepreneurial development initiative for both prospective and current students of the NWU Vaal, with various activities to empower these young entrepreneurs. The centre also provides a platform from where female entrepreneurs, of all ages, can be coached and mentored in making their own ventures a success. Furthermore, the bHive EDC is a development centre for community members and businesses in and around the Vaal Triangle region.


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