New niche area focuses on Talent Management

Koos Degenaar -- Mon, 04/18/2016 - 12:52

New niche area focuses on talent management

The Mafikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU) has established a niche area for talent management as the fierce competitive business world of our modern society requires more intensive research in this area. The niche area is under the leadership of Prof Nicolene Barkhuizen from the Faculty of Commerce and Administration. 

According to Prof Barkhuizen, more research needs to be done as it becomes more difficult for managers and practitioners to attract and retain talented employees.   

In the South African context this situation is problematic as The Global Competiveness Report continues to rank the country low in terms of labour market efficiency and people development. Without a skilled workforce no organisation will be able to keep up with competition and survive in an ever changing business world.

“Effective talent management is therefore of strategic importance for emerging markets such as South Africa seeing that the objectives of the country are to ensure quality of life, eradicate poverty, ensure political freedom, promote equal opportunities and tolerance and contribute to life-ability of citizens,” says Prof Barkhuizen.   

The research at the campus is also unique in that it is the only programme incorporating a variety of disciplines to research the talent management phenomenon. Whereas most of the current research is done from a human resource management perspective, the programme provided by the niche area is purely from a multi and interdisciplinary perspective and the research methodologies are applied as such.