Messages to the NWU’s Varsity netball team.

Belinda Bantham -- Wed, 10/11/2017 - 16:21

Messages to the NWU’s Varsity netball team

Owethu Sityata says: “The tournament was amazing. The NWU netball team had a great fighting spirit throughout the entire competition. It is unfortunate that they lost at the finals, but nonetheless I am still proud.”

                                                     Hayley Hinds says: “Even though we did not win, I am still 100 % behind them. I can’t wait to see them bring the trophy home next year.”

                                                      Marilize van Schalwyk says: “I am very proud of how they performed throughout the entire competition. Next year they will do bigger and better. They have made the entire NWU proud.”

                                                      Netshishivhe Ritanganedzeni says: “Reaching the finals is a very huge accomplishment. They should be very thrilled with their overall performance. As a NWU student I can rightfully brag about their success.”

                                                      Drikus Klopper says: “The NWU netball team outdid themselves during the tournament. I am sad that they did not win, but overall I’m very pleased with their performance.”

                                                      Teddy Mabusela says: “They played very well during the final. You could see that they wanted to win. They played with a lot of enthusiasm and momentum.”