MEC of Tourism inspired students

John Nchoe -- Thu, 09/18/2014 - 17:18

MEC of Tourism inspired students

The MEC of Tourism in the North West, Ms Desbo Mohono, inspired tourism students when she gave a motivational talk at a recently held seminar on Campus.

The seminar was organised by the Tourism Society and was opened with a presentation by a well-known radio presenter and founder of Khaya Kool international, Khanya.

An expert in tourism from the local Hotel School, Ms Lorindo Noerth, shared her experiences with the students. Her insights and advice regarding a career in the tourism industry was well received by the students who found her presentation regarding hotel operations, hospitality and career possibilities practical, educational, and thought provoking. She was well supported by the Rector of the Hotel School; Mr Akwa who reflect ed on his years as a leading hotelier and opportunities in the market of domestic tourism.

According to the tourism society’’s Chairperson, Bisisiwe Radebe, they are planning to create more awareness for tourism as a programme of study across the province. “"As future ambassadors we plan to bring sustainable development within the industry that will enable us to take pride in what we do and also to market our campus and our province”", said B usi.