Lecturer, guitarist and top-notch photographer

Annette Willemse -- Wed, 10/28/2015 - 09:46

Lecturer, guitarist and top-notch photographer

NWU staff are not only experts in their fields, they also have many talents. After hours and on weekends they live fully and have stimulating hobbies – just take Re-an Müller as an example.


Mr Re-an Müller

Mr Re-an Müller, lecturer in marketing at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the NWU, says his love for music started when the principal of the school that he attended made a rule that the boys could not go for rugby trials if they had not first auditioned for the choir. “In those days the school choir in Frankfort in the Free State had a shortage of boys, as the guys did not want to sing. When I went for an audition, the staff discovered that I could sing and from then onwards I was forced to sing in the choir,” he says.

 The music bug bit Re-an and his singing talent quickly led to performances in revues and at eisteddfods.

Old guitar inspires

 Re-an says his true love for music actually only started when he inherited his grandfather’s old Regal guitar. He taught himself to play the instrument and soon realised that the guitar was his favourite, although he loves the piano as well. “When I was very young I had recorder lessons, where I learned to read music. Since then I have taught myself everything because I had no further formal training.”

Gospel is his favourite genre

 Since those early years he has mainly played in gospel bands. There were many of them, including Klei, Elior and Wingerdstok. Re-an is currently part of the Life Centre worship team in Vanderbijlpark and only performs in church.

He was also a member of the band Retrospeksie, which played more secular music in restaurants and pubs.

Interests keep him busy

He is not only a musician, but also has a passion for photography and travelling. He is a talented photographer whose photos have already been displayed at the Aardklop Arts Festival. “I love to travel. My wife, Jomoné, and I travel across South Africa and plan to visit Europe later this year.”

Just do it

Re-an says the best advice he has ever received was: just do it. It is also the advice that he wants to give to prospective musicians. “Do not hesitate if you think that you are not yet good enough. Become part of a band as quickly as possible.”

He says one learns a lot from other musicians and therefore progress more rapidly, becoming the best you can be.