Kaizer Chiefs and NWU Vaal celebrate unique relationship

Annette Willemse -- Mon, 05/25/2015 - 11:53

Kaizer Chiefs and NWU Vaal celebrate unique relationship

The 2014/2015 football season has been a crowning glory for the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club. Not only did the Amakhosi enjoy a record breaking campaign in which the Premier Soccer League title was won in extraordinary style with a phenomenal 70%, but the club also set all discounted christian louboutin kinds of records along the way. Recently several senior staff members of the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal) joined players, staff, administrators, sponsors and dignitaries to celebrate during a prestigious award ceremony at Vodaworld in Midrand.

Apart from the NWU Vaal’s working relationship with the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, the Campus Rector – Prof Thanyani Mariba, also presented Eric Mathoho with the christian louboutin sandals award of Online Player of the Season.

Prof Thanyani Mariba, Doctor Khumalo and Kemiso Motaung during the awards ceremony The Chairman of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, the legendary Kaizer Motaung

“We need to build on this success” – Jessica Motaung

In her address during the glitzy awards ceremony, Jessica Motaung – Marketing Director of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, said that success does not just happen, it is not an accident or a mistake, a gamble or a coincidence, nor is it a twist of fate, karma, serendipity, destiny or even a stroke of luck.  “Success is a carefully planned journey that entails a number of elements. It starts with the destination. It’s about creative visualisation – having a clear idea of where you want to be.”

Motaung furthermore thanked the club’s supporters by christian louboutin outlet uk stating that they are the fuel that keeps the club going. The club has more than 500 Kaizer Chiefs Supporters Branches across South Africa. In her address she paid homage to her father and Chairman of the club, Kaizer Motaung, who celebrated his 70th birthday in October last year. “We have an extremely qualified driver, forever determined to reach the destination. On behalf of all at Kaizer Chiefs, I would like to acknowledge and praise the Chairman for his vision, his inspiration and his incredible leadership and work ethic.”

 Various sponsors and partnerships were also noted and celebrated during the event. These included Vodacom, Nike, Hollard, North-West University, the FNB Stadium Management and Techno Gym.

“We’ve had an amazing season,” concluded Motaung, “but this is certainly not the end. Rather it’s the beginning, as we need to build on this success again next season and the season after that and the one after that…”

Jessica Motaung, Marketing Director of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club

NWU Vaal and Kaizer Chiefs Football Club – a unique union

NWU Vaal and Kaizer Chiefs announced their unique partnership in October 2013 and the partnership sees the University availing its expertise to benefit young talented footballers at the club’s Youth Academy in Johannesburg.  The Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) on the Vaal Triangle Campus will furthermore serve as the point of contact between the football club and experts across the University. The expertise will be specifically utilised to develop young football players in totality and therefore do not only include playing skills. 

The NWU will provide consultancy and advice on a wide variety of topics. These include finance, nutrition, psychological preparation for high performance sport and physical conditioning. The footballers will be developed in academic and professional fields in order to prepare them for life after their professional football careers.

Another result of the collaboration between Kaizer Chiefs and the University is the Kaizer Chiefs Innovation Centre that is to be vested on the Vaal Triangle Campus.  This centre – a first of its kind within the higher education sphere, will allow staff and students , as well as supporters from the local community , the opportunity to experience the total Kaizer Chiefs brand experience.

During the recent Autumn Graduation Ceremonies the NWU Vaal awarded the prestigious Chancellor’s Medal to sporting legend, Mr Kaizer Motaung. The Chancellor’s Medal is the highest accolade to be awarded to a non-academic member outside the University, and is awarded on the basis of exceptional merit. In the case of Mr Motaung – a former South African football player and founder of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club (of which he is Chairman and Managing Director), the Chancellor’s Medal is awarded in recognition of Mr Motaung as the creator of a global sports empire, and the prolific role he played in shaping the professional football industry in the country.

From his humble roots to his sporting empire, Mr Motaung remains one of South Africa’s most respected and influential sons. As a professional footballer, an administrator, businessman and entrepreneur, he has inspired generations of South Africans and is a living example of great leadership within the South African context.

According to the Campus Rector, Prof Thanyani Mariba, the award furthermore honours the longstanding relationship between Mr Motaung and the Campus.  Other projects for 2015 include delivery of accredited certificate courses to the Kaizer Chiefs Youth Academy staff, as well as development of Life after Football Interventions aimed at the current Kaizer Chiefs players.

NWU Vaal delegates pictured with Mr Kaizer Motaung (middle). From left are: Sean McCallaghan, Herman Steyn, Prof Herman van der Merwe,Prof Marius Stander, Prem Coopoo and Ederick Stander.