Awie Kotzé

Awie F Kotzé, BPharm, MSc, PhD (NWU) is the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and a professor of Pharmaceutics at the NWU.  His research focuses on the optimisation of drug delivery, especially of protein and peptide drugs of antimalarial compounds with quaternised, chitosan polymers, and with the patented PheroidTM drug delivery system.  He has supervised several post-graduate students is the author/co-author of quite a few patents as well as numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

Eno Ebenso

1. Electrochemistry, kinetics, adsorption, thermodynamics of corrosion inhibition

2. Quantum chemical / molecular modeling and theoretical studies of compounds used for corrosion inhibition studies using density functional theory (DFT) and other semi-empirical methods.

 3. Chemistry and Physics of Materials. Novel Aspects of solid state  Chemistry and material science

 4. Thermodynamics and excess molar volumes studies of solutions

5.  Chemical and biosensors

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