IPANEMA hosts NWU Mafikeng researcher

Koos Degenaar -- Wed, 11/11/2015 - 13:54

IPANEMA hosts NWU Mafikeng researcher

The European Institute for the Photon based Non-Destructive Analysis of Ancient Materials (IPANEMA) is hosting Dr Kaitano Dzinavatonga, a physics researcher from the North-West University´s (NWU´s) Mafikeng Campus, to do spectroscopic analysis of heritage and archaeological artefacts. 

The project was made possible from grants received by the Research Development Fund at the office of the Acting Vice-Rector, Research and Planning. 

During the six-week visit, from 19 October until 30 November, Dr Dzinavatonga will study certain valuable historical documents. The documents were provided by the National Library of South Africa and Timbuktu, Mali, in order to evaluate the degradation processes occurring in these documents. The results of this research will provide valuable advice on document conservation measures and restorative actions. In studying the historical documents he will be using different scientific techniques which involve imaging and transmitted light on individual fibres and on the sample surface.

IPANEMA is a centre for the development of advanced methodologies of material characterization in archaeology, paleo-environments, palaeontology and cultural heritage. To this aim, IPANEMA develops and provides a set of techniques for preparing specimens, of studying artefacts and samples, and statistically analysing collected datasets. It is located at SOLEIL synchrotron facility allowing visiting researchers the opportunity of interacting with beam scientists.