Indigenous languages in Africa under the loop in new book

Koos Degenaar -- Mon, 12/07/2015 - 16:39

Indigenous languages in Africa under the loop in new book

The findings of a study on indigenous language in Africa are being published in a new book by Prof Abiodun Salawu, a professor in the Department of Communication at the North-West University´s (NWU´s) Mafikeng Campus.

Prof Salawu co-edited the book in indigenous language media, language politics and democracy in Africa.

The book, published by Palgrave Macmillan, deals with the often neglected link between indigenous languages, the media and democracy in Africa. It explores the politics associated with the use or lack of use of indigenous language in Africa.

“The book recognises that indeed the media play a key amplifying or publicising role without which modern-day expression, public participation and ultimately democracy would be inconceivable,” commented Prof Salawu.

“It recognises that the majority of African nations today have, at the formal level, opened up to a multiplicity of media channels and to a variety of political views. However, whether this variety equals diversity in different African contexts remains a matter for more specific scrutiny,” added Prof Salawu.

Prof Salawu has published widely on the subject of African language media. He also edited the seminal book Indigenous Language Media in Africa in 2006.