Humanities’ top performers honoured on Vaal Triangle Campus

Anjonet Jordaan -- Thu, 05/14/2015 - 16:07

Humanities’ top performers honoured on Vaal Triangle Campus

The Faculty of Humanities of North-West University's Vaal Triangle Campus this week celebrated the top performers' achievements during the 2014 academic year. The distinguished group of students consisted almost entirely of female students.

Students were rewarded for their hard work in various categories that included students who had an average of 80% or more; the best student in a particular degree programme and year group; and finally the best overall performer in a particular degree programme grouping.


The honours in the last category went to four ladies:

  • The best B.Ed. student, Thuka Tholekela Shongwe with an average of 89% across 13 modules.
  • The best BA / B.Com / BSW (social work) student, Zolique West with an average of 87% across 6 modules.
  • The best B.Ed. Honours student, Charlene Silva Pieterse who managed an average 91% across 6 modules.
  • The best BA /B.Com student, Nadene Harisunker who achieved an 86% average across 10 modules.
Thukwa Tholekela Shongwe, the best B.Ed student. Zolique West, the best BA/BCom/BSW student.
Charlene Silva Pieterse, the best B.Ed Honours student. Nadene Harisunker, the best BA/BCom student.

Each of the 4 top performing students received an iPad sponsored by the Campus Rector, Prof Thanyani Mariba. These students each gave a short speech on what they believed to be the driving force behind their academic success. The theme that ran through each of these students’ words of wisdom is that having self-belief and support from family are what sustained them work hard throughout their studies and achieve their great success. We celebrate with them their great success!


*The Faculty of Humanities on the Vaal Triangle Campus of North-West University is currently home to 4 academic schools and has a student count of more than 4 100:

  • The School of Education Sciences
  • The School of Basic Sciences
  • The School of Behavioural Sciences
  • The School of Languages

The Faculty of Humanities also boasts several research entities contributing richly to both academic knowledge in their respective fields of research, and helping to positively impact the communities they work in:

  • The Optentia Research Focus Area’s mission is to develop and organise knowledge for the optimal expression of individual, social and institutional potential, with specific interest in the African context. Within the Optentia researchers from disciplines such as psychology, social work, industrial psychology, sociology and education work together within 7 sub-programmes.
  • UPSET – Understanding and Processing Language in Complex Settings – is a research focus area that that investigates the understanding and processing of language in complex settings. UPSET is divided into two sub-programmes:
    • Applied Linguistics focuses on the themes of multilingualism and academic literacy; and
    • Corpus Linguistics & Language Practice focuses on corpora, including translation and editing corpora, together with other applications language practice such as subtitling and interpreting.
  • The research project on Bekkersdal called: “Integrative Multidisciplinary-focused research on the health and well-being status of mining communities”, is a multidisciplinary study that originated on the Vaal Triangle Campus and involves researchers from both the Vaal Triangle and Potchefstroom Campuses, as well as researchers from other institutions.