Father a child, father a nation

Anjonet Jordaan -- Thu, 12/11/2014 - 13:10

Father a child, father a nation

The Psychology Honours students within the School of Behavioural Sciences on North-West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus recently held a fun-filled event in support of the Father a Nation (FAN) project. The event was a celebration for children that had been attending a workshop presented by the Honours group.


About FAN

FAN is passionate about the crucial role men play in society. Their mission is to inspire men to be the best men and fathers they can be. They run a number of transformational programmes to restore, coach and equip men in their journey to fulfil their role in society. The Vaal Triangle Campus is working together with FAN.

FAN approached the NWU and proposed a partnership with them in the project of working closely with children; because among children there are future fathers and leaders of tomorrow. The University will be partners with FAN for a period of five years.

The celebration was aimed at giving the children their certificates; and also gave the children yet another opportunity to be playful and carefree children who play and laugh.

Making it happen

Making this happen was a difficult job; the honours students together with Dr Karin Van der Merwe from the School of Behavioural Sciences, had a few challenges in putting this project together. Initially only toddlers would be involved, but to their surprise a lot of other much older children came. The team had to work as best they could. Another challenge was the arrival time, the children came by public transportation and it was not consistent; they sometimes had to start later than scheduled.

Masego Leburu, a Psychology Honours student was very proud to have worked with the children: “I am beyond proud of the children we worked with; they just kept on coming week after week without getting tired. I love their perseverance”. Dr Van der Merwe said she feels complete because of the smiles she saw on those children’s faces, she mentioned that hearing a child laugh is refreshing.