FAST hosts succesful Research Day

Koos Degenaar -- Tue, 11/04/2014 - 11:09

FAST hosts a successful Research Day

The Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology (FAST) hosted a very successful research day on 17 October 2014 at the campus multi-purpose hall.

The FAST research day is an annual event designed to showcase the width and depth of research activities being conducted in the Faculty each academic year.

During this year research day Presentations of scientific work were given by Honours, Master’s, and PhD students as well as members of academic staff. A total of 108 abstracts were presented from all schools in the faculty.

The keynote speaker for the day was Prof Amanda Lourens, Vice-Rector, Research and Planning at the Potchefstroom Campus.  She emphasized the importance of Academic staff development planning.  To be a successful researcher one needs to know all the relevant journals in the field and identify the ‘top’ journals and know who are the leading researchers and identify researchers with whom one can co-author.  “Plan strategically which conferences to attend and participate in and attend conferences of your scholarly society and very important ask questions”, she reiterated.    

Prizes and awards were given to staff and students for their roles in ensuring a successful 2014 FAST Research Day. Top presenters in each category were awarded prizes for their sterling work.                    

This research day was also combined with a Postgraduate Open Day, which sought to showcase research opportunities in FAST for potential postgraduate students. A variety of literatures on postgraduate programs in the different Schools were made available through manned stalls and desks.