Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Frank Winde

Frank is a German citizen and came to SA as part of the Excellence Programme of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina investigating waterborne uranium migration in mining areas of Germany, South Africa, Australia and Namibia.

Bokang Ncube

I am currently employed on a temporary basis by the North-West University teaching undergraduate (first year) and post graduate (honours) modules: Introductory Statistics and Multivariate Analysis. Among other tasks, I am currently supervising two honours and one Masters students. I have interest in interdisciplinary research, especially using Multivariate Techniques. I hold a Masters of Commerce in Statistics and currently in my second year of my PhD studies in Statistics. I am conversant with the SAS software package and STATA.

Sanne ter Horst

Prof. Sanne ter Horst is a professor in Mathematics who works on metric constrained interpolation and extrapolation problems. These kinds of problems originate in complex analysis, where they have been studied since the early 20th century, but are currently viewed more as part of functional analysis and operator theory.

Suria Ellis

Suria Ellis was appointed as Statistical Consultant  in 2002 after she obtained her PhD in Statistics.

Since then she had helped many researchers of various universities with data analyses and interpretation of their results.  She is co-author of more than 100 articles in accredited journals. 

Simeon A. Materechera

Professional teaching and research experience Skills in scientific writing, editing, and consulting. Proficient in the use of many computer softwares and internet; development of project proposals; facilitation of workshop and conference, leadership in team and collaborative work; supervision of postgraduate research and publishing scientific articles; lecturing and curriculum development.

Jamshid Moori

I have produced more than 150 original papers and conference articles during the period 1975--2014. During this period I also supervised various honours projects and produced 23 post graduate students (6 PGDiploma, 9 MSc and 8 PhD). Currently I am supervising 3 PhD, and 2 post-doctoral students.

Klaus Kellner

Prof Klaus Kellner was born on 27 April 1957 in Okahandja, Namibia. He is a re-elected C2 NRF rated scientists till 2016. His expertises lie in vegetation dynamics with the emphasis on SLM technologies, impacts on desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) and the restoration of degraded rangelands, mostly in arid- and semi-arid systems, as well as industrial damaged sites.

Seugnet Blignaut

Seugnet Blignaut began her academic career in 1976 as junior lecturer at the Department of Home Economics at the University of Pretoria after completing a degree in B Home Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.  In 1979 she received a Bachelor of Home Economics Hons degree, an MEd (Computer-assisted Learning) in (1994) and a PhD (Computer-assisted Learning) in (1997).  She became lecturer in (1977), senior lecturer in (1993), and associate professor in (2003) and research professor in.  She joined the North-West University in 2015 and is currently the leader of the research niche area Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovative Education and Training in South Africa (TELIT-SA).  She is the holder of a C1 NRF rating.  Her research currently focuses on the use of eyetracking as part of usability evaluation of games.  She is author and co-author of (69) articles and presented (84) conference papers, mostly at international level.  She delivered (39) Masters and (21) PhD students.  Seugnet often reviews articles for national and international journals as well as act as external examiner for various universities.

Markus Böttcher

Markus Böttcher studies the physics of astronomical objects which emit high-energy (X-ray and gamma-ray) radiation. These include black holes in our Galaxy an in the centers of other galaxies, called active galactic nuclei; gamma-ray bursts, which are the violent explosions of very massive stars at the end of their lives.

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