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Ronel Wasserman

My research career started in 2009 when I began compiling the Historical Corpus of South African English, consisting of personal and business letters, news reportage, fiction and non-fiction from all over the country, and spanning from the 1820s to the present. I became more and more interested in the grammatical and semantic changes that occurred within this unique variety of English over time.

Tumi Khumalo

My research career began in 2007 when I joined the North-West University as a Senior Lecturer. I later enrolled for a PhD and completed a thesis entitled “The evaluation of the General Psychological Well-being and the Mental Health Continuum Models in an African context”, awarded in 2011. Prior to that, my MSc dissertation focused on the validation of the Values-In-Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS). Between 2007 and 2012 I worked as a Clinical Psychologist at a University-based counselling and therapy centre. During this time, I continued to do research and teach.

Gordon Matthew

In 2010, Gordon Matthew attained a BA-degree in Computational Linguistics at the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Potchefstroom Campus. In 2013, he attainted a MA-degree in Language and Literary Studies at the NWU’s Vaal Triangle Campus, the thesis topic focusing on the development of a Dutch Named Entity Recogniser. Gordon is also part of the UPSET Research area and is part of a sub-area that focuses on Audio-Visual translation and Eye Tracking. Gordon is currently busy doing his PhD on different ways to determine and measure cognitive load while a person reads subtitles.

Elsa Fourie

My research career started in 1996 on education management (MEd), followed by A management strategy for Quality Assurance in teacher training in South Africa (PhD).

I was then a member of the committee for In-Service teacher training programmes, focusing on quality assurance of these programmes and the implementation thereof.

Susan Coetzee-van Rooy

My research career started in the mid-1990s when I studied cultural identity and the acquisition of English as an additional language among home language speakers of Afrikaans and Southern Sotho.  I focus on understanding the language repertoires of multi- and bilingual speakers of South African languages and how these repertoires relate to language use in different contexts.  I explore issues like multilingualism and social cohesion in South Africa.

Maristi Partridge

After completing a degree in Language Practice I worked as a classroom interpreter and freelance language practitioner. I started work at the NWU in 2007 as junior lecturer where I presented modules in Academic Literacy, Language Practice and English Linguistics. The modules that focussed on the influence of various linguistic theories on translation theory contributed to my interest in linguistics.

Karen van der Merwe

I am a qualitative researcher and am interested in what enables people to live meaningful lives. My focus is therefore on the subjective experiences of individuals. Through my involvement in community work the importance of religion in adults’ and children’s lives has become clear to me therefore my interest in religion and spirituality. Psychology of Religion is a subfield in Psychology that in my opinion has not received adequate research attention in South Africa.

Kobus Lombard

Both my MEd (1988) and DEd (1992) degrees were obtained from the RAU (now UJ), in the field of teacher education. 

My university career started in 1988 at the Vista University in the Faculty of Education. With the merging of higher education institutions in 2004, I became part of the School of Education of the Vaal Campus of the NWU.  During my university career I lectured several undergraduate and post graduate modules, supervised a number of Masters and Doctoral students and filled various managerial positions.   

Irene Muller

I obtained a B Sc, majoring in Chemistry and Botany at UFS in 1986. After 23 years of teaching in various secondary schools, I started lecturing in January 2010 at the NWU (Vaal).  In 2011 I obtained a B Ed (Honn) in curriculum development and performed a research study on indirect teaching methods in Physical Science. 

Aaron Nhlapo

My academic career started in 2012 when I first joined the NWU as a lecturer. Before that I was  a school head master for nine years.

In my M.Ed degree I focussed on the management of school safety and for my PhD the focus was on the whole school approach to facilities maintenance.

In 2014 i published an international article in collaboration with Prof. M.I Xaba.

Linda Theron

Linda Theron is respected for resilience-focused research that has contributed a more profound understanding of why some South African children and young people do well in life, despite the odds being stacked against them.

Werner Nell

Werner Nell is a senior lecturer in the School of Behavioural Sciences at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University. He started his academic career as a student assistant in Sociology, in 1996. He was appointed as a part-time lecturer in 1999, and subsequently accepted a full-time position as senior lecturer in Sociology in 2004 where he has worked ever since. Werner obtained his PhD in Sociology in 2005 at the NWU, and completed a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology at the same institution in 2014.

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