Empowering school principals

Pertunia Thulo -- Tue, 04/02/2013 - 00:00

Empowering school principals

by Dr Herman J van Vuuren - Faculty of Education Sciences: Unit for Open Distance Learning

An organisation is only as good as its leadership. This statement is particularly true for education where the quality of education is closely allied to the effectiveness of school leadership.

With this in mind, NWU makes an essential contribution to the training of school principals in the Northern Cape and North West provinces. Principals, selected by the provincial education departments, undergo a two-year programme at NWU, which has been specially developed for the professional development of school leaders in a South African education context.

The competency of school principals is a focal point in the education discourse and the programme has as its aim the establishing of the foundation for the empowerment of school principals as effective school leaders.

This programme has been successfully presented by NWU since 2008, and it enjoys the support of the provincial and national education departments.

The value of this particular NWU programme was again confirmed during the recent graduation ceremony of 21 February 2013 in Upington where 150 school principals in the Northern Cape received their Advanced Certificates in Education with specialisation in school leadership.

The principals are the first to emphasise the value of the occupation-oriented qualification for their professional development as school leaders. Pivotal to the programme’s success is the implementation of a mentor and network system, a reflection journal and a school leadership portfolio. Core modules focus on school leadership in a South African context, the management of education policy, communication in education, school control and development, the management of human capital, organisation, instructional leadership and mentorship.  


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