Campus joins forces with local media groups to boost female entrepreneurship

Annette Willemse -- Sun, 01/18/2015 - 12:58

Campus joins forces with local media groups to boost female entrepreneurship

It is estimated that more than 120 million women are starting or running new businesses in 67 economies around the world. In addition, an estimated 98 million are running established businesses.

Across the regions, sub-Saharan Africa exhibits the highest average intentions, with 52% of women possessing the desire to start a business within the next three years. 

In light of this and taking into consideration the growing unemployment rate in South Africa, the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal) recently joined forces with two of the most well-known media houses in the Vaal Triangle region in an effort to promote female entrepreneurship and by doing so contribute toward the regeneration and growth of the region and the Gauteng province. 

Media partners

The bhive Enterprise Development Centre (bhive EDC) on the Vaal Triangle Campus are inviting all female entrepreneurs to take part in the third annual Enterprising Women Programme (a short learning programme for business start-ups with a specific focus on female entrepreneurs). The bhive EDC represents a dynamic unit within the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology and this year sees MooiVaal Media and IFM (102.2FM) joining the drive as print and broadcast partners respectively – to invest in entrepreneurial women.

Enterprising Women Programme

The Enterprising Women Programme is an eight-month programme, geared to provide business support services to women who wish to establish their own businesses. During the course of the programme, participants will be guided through a process to explore entrepreneurial ideas, develop sound business models and subsequently initiate their business with confidence and entrepreneurial know-how. Participants become part of a close-knit peer network of women embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. This will allow them to share experiences and learn from one another and other established female entrepreneurs through workshops and group sessions.

During the programme the participants are guided through various stages of entrepreneurial development such as idea to concept development, business model generation, market research and business plan development.

Participants are taken through a rigorous selection process and for the third and final year, the programme is fully sponsored by the bhive EDC, with participants paying only a R1 500 deposit, refundable upon successful completion of the programme. Future programmes will not be sponsored by the bhive EDC, so don’t miss this final opportunity to benefit from the bhive EDC’s sponsorship! For more information about the programme and to obtain the application documents, contact Leonie at